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Basically I just love talking to couples planning their wedding day! I get caught up myself in the energy and excitement of it all. EVERY wedding is unique and I love hearing what you've got planned. It's likely that you’ve not planned an event of this scale before and made this kind of investment in your photography, so you must have so many questions you'd like to ask. Below is a whistle stop tour through common questions or things that are just useful to know. If you’ve got any questions that are not covered here, feel free to fire them my way at or telephone me on 07984 025987.


Can we meet-up before the wedding?

A.Absolutely we can meet-up! I love getting to know my couples before the big day. Let's discuss the details of your wedding over a coffee or a glass of wine at a place that's convenient for you. I'm also finding that Zoom and video WhatsApp are becoming more preferable, particularly in the current climate so just let me know what you'd like to do.

What if we just want to email/text you?

A.Many of my couples prefer to do it this way. We can communicate entirely via email and text. Don't worry about me missing out any of the details - at the latter stages I'll email out an online questionnaire for you to complete so that I've got all bases covered.

Is there a lot of paperwork involved?

A.All forms are hassle free and completed online. This means you have nothing to post out to me and I receive all the information I need instantly. However, paper versions are available on request if you'd prefer to do it that way.

How many images will I receive?

A.There isn't a set number but typically for a 'Full Day Classic' I would edit no less than 350 photos. It's got to be quality over quantity every time.

How long will it take to receive our photographs?

A.I alway say it'll take approx. 4-6 weeks to edit and present your photographs in your online gallery but hopefully they'll be ready a little sooner than that. Once completed I'll send you a text and presentation email with the passwords for you, family and friends to access. All of the images are downloadable at high resolution ready for print. Once you've given me the green light, I'll put both print ready and web ready versions onto your personalised USB Stick with presentation box and post it out to you.

How do you know what's happening on the day?

A.Typically 8 weeks before your wedding I'll email you an online questionnaire which covers all the aspects of the day. It has questions ranging from the start time of your Wedding Breakfast to the names of your best man and ushers. My job right now is to find out everything I need to know, so on the day I can just enjoy taking photographs. If you can't answer some of questions or the timings turn out to be completely different to what you've written down, no worries, I'm easy going and just go with the flow.

When will you take the portrait shots?

A.Every wedding is different but typically I would whisk you both away during the reception drinks on arrival at the venue. This will give your guests the chance to catch up and mingle whilst you have some time alone to catch your breath. I won't keep you for longer than 20 minutes before we'll head back. Don't worry, we'll make deadly sure they've saved you some champagne and canapés!

Do you take group shots?

A.Yes I certainly do, they're not shown in my portfolio but group photos would normally take place on our return from your portrait shots. Within my questionnaire there's room for you to list all the lineups you'd like.

What do we do if it rains?

A.Gone are the days when the rain keeps the photographer inside. I carry a couple of clear umbrellas with me and providing we can keep the bride's dress clean, we'll head on out for a few portrait snaps. You just try and keep me away from those dark, moody clouds and puddle reflection shots! Fear not, the photos will look fab!

What do you wear on the day?

A.Don't worry, for this my Hawaiian shirts are firmly locked away! At a wedding I like to be a big fly on the wall so I do my best to blend in with the wedding party as much as possible. I'm always smartly dressed, typically wearing a tie and subtle waistcoat which also gives me good flexibility with my camera straps.

Do we have the option of a second photographer?

A.So I can sleep easy at night, I like to be the one who is solely responsible for photographing the biggest day of your life. Also as a personal preference, I much prefer the consistant look you get from having one photographer.

Do you shoot weddings outside of the UK?

A.Hell yeah! If you can cover the cost of my flight and accommodation, I'm there!

Do you require a meal at the wedding?

A.For full day packages, yes please! This is when I fully embrace the perk of being a Wedding Photographer :) I'll take my break during your Wedding Breakfast and will be back in time for the speeches. I certainly don't need a Wedding Breakfast, bar food is fine for me. I'm also not a fussy eater and have no allergies. I'd be incredibly grateful, thank you.

Do you have full Insurance and Public Liability?

A.Yes I do, I'm fully covered with Policy Bee.

How do we book you Rob Sims?

A.Just get in touch via the contact form, email or telephone and lets see if I've got your date free. Let's start the fun!

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