Selecting Your Wedding Album

To treasure your photographs, you may be interested in selecting one of my stunningly beautiful wedding albums. Printed and hand crafted in the UK to the highest specification possible with quality checks at every stage, these albums are the perfect way to display the images of your special day.

I'm delighted to offer you a choice of two different paper types for your album. 'Lustre' has a soft sheen with a slightly reflective finish for a more classic, photographic look whilst 'Fine Art' has a tactile matt finish, for a more contemporary look.

Designing your album with me couldn't be simpler. I will email you a link which directs you to my 'Design Studio'. Following the steps you can make your selections and customise your album to your own personal specifications. The cost of the album is easy to monitor with calculations updated at every design stage. Prices start from £360.

Lustre Albums

The lustre printed flushmount albums have been designed to the highest specification. From the choice of paper to the build of the cover and spines, every element is perfect to make this a truly amazing way to display your precious photographs.

The pages are thick to give the books real substance and have a white core for a clean minimal look when the album is closed.

The albums are handmade all the way through the print and assembly process, each person performing multiple quality checks at every stage to ensure everything is looking great. When they’re ready to send every single album is placed in a lovely hard magnet-tab box with ribbon, which not only looks great but protects them perfectly when shipping.

Fine Art Albums

Much like the lustre printed albums, the fine art books are built to the same high standards, but the main difference is the printing process and paper type used. Your photographs will be printed on Epson Fine Art Cotton paper for a beautiful feel and colour density.

The Fine Art albums also boast lovely, thick pages. The prints are bonded onto a thin board for rigidity and a high quality feel. Each page is a joy to turn. Roughly speaking the pages in the Fine Art albums are 3/4 the width of the Lustre albums.

Due to the nature of the paper even more care is given to the assembly of Fine Art albums, ensuring every page is hand-creased and mounted into the album.


How many photographs are there in an album?

A.I recommend selecting around 5 images for each spread to achieve a lovely balanced design. So if you would like your album to contain 100 photos for example, then you'll want to select around 20 spreads from the dropdown menu during the design process.

Can I select the photographs that I want in the album?

A.Yes absolutely, you can have as much input as you want. You may want to choose all of the photographs that feature or just select the 'must haves' and leave rest for me to choose at my discretion. The choice is entirely yours.

Is the first page a single or a spread?

A.All of the albums begin and end with a full double-page spread. When you open the cover you will see blank ivory card on the left and right hand side, and then when you turn the next page it reveals a full double-page spread of images.

How are images handled over the middle of a spread?

A.The pages are printed panoramically, which means the image will be creased in the middle of the spread where the pages bend. This is the best approach for ensuring any images which span the middle of the spread are seamless and unbroken.

What papers are used in the album?

A.Fuji DP2 Professional paper is used for the Lustre albums and Epson Fine Art Cotton paper is used for the Fine Art albums.

How will my album be packaged?

A.Every full-size album will be shipped with three layers of protection. Firstly, a lovely clam-shell presentation box finished in black faux leather. Secondly, a white inner card box . Thirdly an outer brown card box

When will my album be ready?

A.I aim for a 4 week turnaround from placing your order to delivery.

How do I make payment?

A.Once you have followed the steps in my 'Design Studio' I will contact you to discuss the photographs that you would like featured in the album. Once agreed I will email you across an invoice for advanced payment.